Reusable Towels

CounterDescription: Bamtastic Towels are made from 100% Plant Fibers (majority bamboo and corn starch) and are available in a 20 piece tear off roll or a single sheet pack. The renewable towels rolls are ideal for placing in a standard dispenser for use in the kitchen, bathroom, office, restaurant, or workbench area.

Performance: Bamtastic Towels are machine washable. The suggested number of machine washes is up to 100. Bamtastic Towels can be utilized in the absorption of water, oil, detergent, window cleaner, bleach and furniture cleaning products (photo gallery below).

Size Per Piece: 11” x 11” (280 MM x 280 MM)

Sheets Per Roll: 20

Sheets Per Single Pack: 1

Why Plant Fiber: Plant Fibers are a renewable material that can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. By using the Bamtastic Towels, paper (tree) and oil products are spared.

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